When you are thinking about venturing into medicinal cannabis, then you need to know how much you can profit from it. Profit wise, twelve thousand a days is more that possible but that is dependent on the quality of the items, the quantity of the patients the collective assists in a regular bass and pricing of their donation system
When you were to speak with a dispensary or a collective manager or owner about their finances, they will likely say that they have zero profit. With the various ups and downs and other obstacles that the marijuana business is facing, the owners must be steadfast and committed enough to go through with the business.
Advocates of medicinal cannabis continue to support dispensaries, collective, co-ops, and delivery services out there, because they stick their neck out on the line every day for people who needs marijuana treatment.
As a non- profit collective, however, you give some salary to those who work with you, moreover, you can also get six to seven figure monthly cash flow, especially if you are in the cities like Lose Angeles, where medicinal cannabis is rampant and well- loved.
The amount of a non- profit marijuana sales however is all states makes the medical marijuana industry look like a “personal grow.” There is a ton of money to be had, however, the state, the federal authority and the advocate of the anti- medical marijuana feels that they need to dictate what we can include in our bodies.
There are a lot of merchant accounts that will work with a cannabis dispensaries and collective as many have portions of their business located in non marijuana legal states which could put their entire business on the line for being raided, auctioned off and odds are plenty of jail time and fees to follow.
In the state of California, you can find more and more merchants that are very willing to work with collective but with a higher that usual fee, to some this is a negative thing, but for most people this could be due to the need of the collective asking for a higher amount of donation.
A lot of patient cannot afford to have a marijuana dispensary store recorded in their credit card or bank statement, therefore they use cash when buying medicinal cannabis. Using cash transaction is very beneficial for a collective or dispensary because they do not have a long-term tracking of each donation made. Another advantage is that there are less recorded documents or paper trail that the feds can use against them or their patients. Indeed, buying cash has its own advantage.
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